War Mage Diary

Created by Cory at The WitchBorn

Perdition is overrun by WitchBorn returned from the dead. Battle this grave threat with magic and artifacts from this all-new tome.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The FINAL HOURS to claim your rewards!
over 1 year ago – Fri, May 10, 2019 at 08:34:24 PM

Mystic Dice. Unlocked.

Iron Golem. Unlocked.

Secret Stretch Goal. Unlocked for many.

Your bonus rewards are mounting up with the free Manticore very close—and War Mage Diary is going to be pretty darn great by itself!

Don’t Miss Your Chance for a Mini by the Master!

James Wappel has won countless awards, reached over one million gamers with his Wappellious blog, has wowed viewers with live painting sessions, and paints in mixed mediums incorporating oils, airbrush, acrylics, and more. James’ live painting sessions like this one for GOT are amazing!

Have James paint one of your minis! Lets  open this up as a pledge add-on!

  • Pick your mini from the unlocked Stretch Goals or WitchBorn Extras 
  • Add $149 to your pledge with the Manage My Pledge button (please don’t give up your current pledge)
  • Add $50 for miniatures marked in pics as (Big) or $100 for (Huge) 
  • You’ll even qualify for the Secret Stretch Goal if you haven’t already!

Let’s limit these to 2 minis per pledge and I’ll post a note if we exceed James’ limit. You can also message me to make sure I lock you in!

Please don’t miss this chance! Let’s see if we can unlock a few more Stretch Goals in the final hours. And thank you for all of your support!


A New Accelerated Stretch Goal Announced!
over 1 year ago – Thu, May 09, 2019 at 06:19:11 PM

As a thank you for all the support you’ve already shown, I’ve moved up a Stretch Goal!

An informal poll on Talk WitchBorn makes it pretty clear folks want the War Mage Diary leather-bound Stretch Goal unlocked! I’ve crunched the numbers and “accelerated” this Stretch Goal, so now we can all get a leather collector’s edition when Kickstarter pledges top $17.5k or more.

We have a little over 72 hours to reach the leather-bound Stretch Goal! if you are thinking about adding-on after the campaign ends, please consider increasing your pledge and pushing us closer now. 

And by increasing your pledge to $145 or more, you also unlock the Secret Stretch Goal.

Tell your friends! Tell your FLGS! By unlocking the leather-bound Stretch Goal, you’re also unlocking the best deal on War Mage Diary ever.

Thank you!


Nightfall Nears Completion!
over 1 year ago – Wed, May 08, 2019 at 06:45:10 PM

Nightfall is the next expansion adventure for The WitchBorn® and is unusual because it is a sequel to The Pit and uses the same battlemap rather than having its own. You’ll meet some familiar faces and see what Asylum is like outside the bar. (Life is seldom a party there). The story begins as follows:

The garrison of Asylum is under siege by the Daimyo’s army. Tonight a WitchBorn army has amassed just out of bowshot chanting, as psychological warfare. Most citizens are unaware of why.

A Norn girl named Tatiana entered Asylum with your war clan. You didn’t realize she was WitchBorn. Her mission was secret: recover the Daimyo’s Soul Amulet. Brother Asylum and Dark Trader confirm she stole it from them.

Asylum is on lockdown. Capable citizens are bracing for battle with the WitchBorn army. You’re in a race to find Tatiana and the Soul Amulet before she escapes the garrison. You must keep your purpose quiet because the citizens would panic realizing so many WitchBorn agents live among them. 

You’re battling to save Asylum and hundreds of innocent lives!

Nightfall is available as a $20 add-on pledge. (Just make sure you have a copy of The Pit also). Above is work in progress for one of the templates. This adventure takes you inside the buildings ringing Asylum and you begin to see how dire life has become. 

I had bet Nightfall would be complete before this Kickstarter ended. This expansion for coop play is long delayed by growing pains. We had a near tragic playtest last week where we were intentionally playing with war clans that were too weak and we were properly schooled! ; ) The app is now complete. The guide is nearly complete—the templates and final edits are all that remain. But, alas my days are too short! 

Also, stay tuned tomorrow for some news on an “accelerated” Stretch Goal!


The WitchBorn Summer Events!
over 1 year ago – Mon, May 06, 2019 at 02:18:03 PM

Together you have unlocked the Mystic Dice and Iron Golem Stretch Goals. And now, 26 backers have earned the Secret Stretch Goal. We are moving ever closer to unlocking the FREE manticore!

I’d like to thank you all and invite you to join us this summer at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio and Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana! 

We run two types of events:

The 1 hour “Learn” events are a chance to play the Quick Start game, spend time one-on-one asking your specific questions, and get a tune-up before playing a full game!

We also run full games of Enter Perdition and The Pit. The latter has become a convention favorite! These three hour events leave plenty of time for learning even if you’re never played before.

Origins June 12 - 16

Event registration opened yesterday. The WitchBorn has full game events you can register for at 6:30 PM Friday or Saturday night. Register today! 

In addition, we are going to try something really different this year. We’re running events all day in our expanded booth. I’ll be on hand to run “Learn” events and/or full games of Enter Perdition and The Pit. Email Cory@WitchBorn.com and schedule your own time to play any of the four days. 

Gen Con August 1-4

The Gen Con Event Catalog goes live today. This is the largest gathering of tabletop gamers in North America with over 40,000 attendees last year. Events fill up quickly and The WitchBorn events usually sell out! This year we’ve expanded to Thursday games to meet more demand. Check out my list of events below. Registration opens May 19.

These shows are a ton of fun and I hope to meet you in person this summer!


The Iron Golem Stretch Goal Is Unlocked!
over 1 year ago – Fri, May 03, 2019 at 11:46:04 AM

Don’t blink!

Yesterday was my wife Deb’s birthday (I love you honey!) and as we celebrated, your pledges pushed us past the $11k threshold! Now, everyone who backs War Mage Diary gets an Iron Golem miniature. (This massive Reaper Bones figure is a $5 value, now FREE).

Build your own! Your mage can give life to humanoid constructs of flesh, simple fabric, straw, clay, stone, iron, or bazurite. Animated Golems have no mind of their own but follow orders as bodyguards, soldiers, and servants. The Iron Golem is powerful with a 10 Defense, 6 Strength, plus resilient with skills like Deflect, Diehard, Resistant, Stout, and Tough Hide. 

Iron Golems also give new meaning to “silent but deadly.” ; )  Iron Golems can release a poison gas causing injury to all within a 2-pace radius who aren’t immune. (It’s a great time to be surface-dwelling Elves or the Daughters of Twilight!)

Also SAVE on the Golems set! This set includes the free Iron Golem so I’ve lowered the cost to $20 for the seven minis with a pledge for War Mage Diary. (The Stone Golem is shy so wasn’t available at the time of the group photo). Please, consider adding these on to your pledge to take advantage of this great deal!

My sincere thanks to everyone who has already pledged! Your enthusiasm allows Perdition and The WitchBorn to thrive and continue growing!



P.S. The manticore is next up for Stretch Goals and I’d like to get this bad boy into everyone’s hands!

P.P.S. You still have plenty of time to unlock your Secret Stretch Goal! Click to watch the video and learn how!