War Mage Diary

Created by Cory at The WitchBorn

Perdition is overrun by WitchBorn returned from the dead. Battle this grave threat with magic and artifacts from this all-new tome.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Cards and Templates
6 months ago – Fri, Aug 07, 2020 at 02:19:21 PM

Cards and templates for War Mage Diary are getting the final once-over.

The process starts with me. I generate stats for all the critters that are summoned, called, or conjured into service. Check out the image at the bottom. It’s a lot of fine details for 41 critters. There are Summoned creatures valued from 39 GP to over 150. The Elementals are even higher values and one Avatar is valued at nearly 400 GP by itself! (In comparison a starting war clan of 8 warriors is 125 GP).

As I go through these, I’ve beefed up the powers after firsthand experience with the creatures in play. I’ve simplified the rules governing them too to make these “go to” spells. 

I just began the final cleanup of templates which are double-sided and feature some new art. I have all this going through 3 different proofreaders which has been fascinating to see their subtle comments—not just catching errors—but fantastic suggestions on how to clarify and simplify.

After templates, I have decided to add a free slipcase to all orders to protect the book and as a thank you for your patience!


We really enjoyed the convention last weekend and it was awesome to talk to many of you and share demos on Roll20. We’ll be doing plenty more in the future so send Cory.k@mac.com an email. We should be able to schedule a 90-minute online demo and Q&A session of the game for you too!

Stay well and game on!


Putting In An Appendix PLUS Gen Con Online!
6 months ago – Wed, Jul 29, 2020 at 05:42:12 AM

Since the publication of the Campaign Rules, we’ve added skills from Daughters of Twilight™ and Curse of the Wanderers.™ War Mage Diary™ is adding a bunch of Adept skills too. Why not add an appendix with all the new updates?  And why not include the upcoming Children of the Moon™ skills? And last, let’s also update some of the imagery!

Play The WitchBorn at Gen Con Online!

Itching to play Enter Perdition™ or just learn the basics? There’s still plenty of room with eleven events Thursday to Sunday. Email Cory@WitchBorn.com and I can even sneak you into the sold out events. 

Check out Gen Con Online and get a real taste of what this Dark Fantasy action combat game is all about. Register a free badge for Gen Con Online and search for "WitchBorn" in events. You can join in games, or watch the action—all the events are only $2! You can even participate in the final tests of the upcoming Roll20 based online version.  

Please join us!


Stretch Goal 7 Has Been Created!
6 months ago – Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 07:44:05 PM

You don’t realize how important these double-sided Spell Cards are until you’re updating a roster! Get the stats for your spells and a quick 1-line spell description.

Creating these was also a huge boost to proofreading because it made me analyze each spell one more time. And these 1-line descriptions are going to be a huge help to the glossary.

Final spell cards will be printed on a heavier stock with a protective varnish. The next PDF version will include these too!


7 months ago – Thu, Jul 09, 2020 at 02:08:50 PM

I’ve had a hard time balancing the Reanimate spell. It’s a very powerful way to animate skeleton armies. I countered this by beefing up the Holy Word, Banish, and Magic Circle spells. The weird thing is, I can’t get my playtesters to even try Reanimate.

I mean, for 8 GP or less, you get 4 skeletons tougher than most warriors straight out of the box. It’s seemingly hard to pass up!

In editing, I came to the realization that Reanimate was more complex than needed and perhaps tricky to understand. My assumption is players didn’t want to take the time and really dig into it.

The new (final? near final?) edit takes a step-by-step approach that hopefully flows better. It also takes away “orders” so lets your mage control the skeletons as long as they’re within 12 paces.

It’s unlikely there will be time to properly playtest before we go to press, so your feedback is much appreciated! 


P.S. The text is at max resolution here. This post will go up on Facebook too and should be more legible.

It Is Written
7 months ago – Fri, Jul 03, 2020 at 02:10:49 AM

I hope you are happy, healthy, and safe in our tumultuous world. I’ve hunkered down and worked a phenomenal number of hours. Nothing makes me happier than creating! Heck, I got to walk the yard photographing the “Gardens of Neverwild” last week.

The writing  and a majority of the page layout is now done for War Mage Diary! Check out the video to see all the new developments for spells, skills, gear, and Unreal Beasts. Get the timeline for your next PDF. And find out why this is going to be the best thing ever done for the WitchBorn.

I can’t be more excited to share this with you!


P.S. The best places for daily news are Facebook and the private group on Talk WitchBorn.