War Mage Diary

Created by Cory at The WitchBorn

Perdition is overrun by WitchBorn returned from the dead. Battle this grave threat with magic and artifacts from this all-new tome.

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Artist Spotlight: James Wappel
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 12:57:22 PM

It’s been my pleasure to know James and his equally-talented better half, Cathy, for about fifteen years. Together we played Deadlands around the time James was contemplating moving from talented enthusiast to full-time miniatures painter. Since then, James has become prolific, often working 18-hour days, winning countless awards like a recent Gold Crystal Brush, assembling awe-inspiring display bases, and setting a new standard for painting figures in oils.

I’ve added a modest gallery of pictures and links. If you would like to have James paint a War Mage Diary figure for you, don’t switch pledges and give up your Early Bird status! Just add $149 to your current pledge and send me a note so I can manage expectations. James is as quick as he is talented (astounding really) but even he needs to sleep on occasion!

My immense thanks to James for lending his talents to The WitchBorn!


Yes, this is a Bones miniature! Notice the hieroglyphic base. Just amazing. 

Check out the Wappellious Blog:

Watch the video on YouTube! Get some tips on painting lighter colors and creating display bases.

And also check out James on his Patreon page:

Watch the painting video on YouTube!

Enjoy hundreds (maybe even thousands) of tutorials between the blog and Patreon page!

WOW! What a first day!
almost 2 years ago – Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 06:38:48 PM

I am humbled and very grateful for your responses.

We’re over 60% of goal in less than 24 hours! You set a one day record for The WitchBorn® with over 80 backers and still counting. And the Early Bird pledges sold out so quickly, I’ve added a new $47 option through Monday.

Let’s knock this thing out of the park and unlock as many Stretch Goals for you as we can! 

Kickstarter can be confusing until you get the hang of it. Heck, if you’re on a mobile device with the Kickstarter app, all you see is the War Mage Diary video and pledges. You miss the Campaign Page where most of the work is! 

If you hit the “Read more about the campaign >” button and scroll down, there are tons of WitchBorn Extras like the Unreal Beasts miniatures exclusive to WMD, beautiful dice, exciting expansion adventures, and more. You can add the value of these to your pledge (without giving up your Early Bird status). Just adjust your pledge to the new amount and you’re good to go. And including your WitchBorn Extras early means we’re more likely to unlock even more Stretch Goals!

This book will be special. I want to thank you for helping to bring it to life!